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About ept

Ept (ɛpt) - adjective
Definition: Suitable, capable, and useful. Opposite of inept.

  • Recent advances in AI have, for the first time, made it possible to provide effective natural
    language answers to complex technical questions.
  • The ept AI team - came together to help companies quickly and effectively take advantage
    of AI to improve their customer support operations.

Who We Are

The ept AI team is an international team of technologists who see
tremendous potential in using AI to create real, tangible customer
value in existing enterprises.

Tech company

With decades of experience in technology products - including semiconductor, networking, industrial, and SaaS, the ept team knows customer support, technology products, and the how to effectively navigate a large company to realize value.


This is combined with expertise in AI and semantics to build and continuously optimize the AI response generator - leveraging the rapid innovation in the field along with the feedback from ept AI users and their customers.

Join US

The ept AI team is passionate, capable, and focused - and growing. If you have the passion and skills to be part of the next wave of AI-powered innovation, come join us!

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