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Your B2B tech business
is about to get smarter

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Expertly engineered products underpin your success. Their complexity can also ruin sales, create support nightmares, and give customers fits. Not anymore. ept AI turns your workforce into product geniuses with brilliant, timely answers to every customer question. Right at their fingertips.

Some of our enterprise customers

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Using Tech Product AI

Tech Product AI from ept AI will transform companies building advanced technology products. It not only makes knowledge sharing seamless but also streamlines customer support, sales, and engineering processes. ept AI is a game-changer, turning complex product questions into opportunities for market success.



Embolden your sales team with on-the-spot, precise answers. Handle everything from quick queries to complex issues with ease and confidence.



Equip your support team to provide brilliant answers with increased efficiency. Experience faster resolutions, increased customer satisfaction, and a more versatile support team.


In Product Help

Empower your customers with in-product answers, enabling them to resolve issues independently and effortlessly. Reduce reliance on support teams and streamline the customer experience.

Accurate answers to questions about your products

  • Trained on your company data
  • Sophiscated cognitive architecture
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Continue improvement
Try ept AI
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Integrated Into Your Workflows

ept AI seamlessly blends into existing operations, serving as a versatile co-pilot within the applications your team already relies on, or through our bespoke eptAI application. It's like having an expert assistant in Slack, Salesforce, or wherever you work, ready to guide and enhance every interaction.

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ept AI App

Answers come quickly with the custom eptAI app, featuring an intuitive UI, and streamlined navigation. Integrates directly with community forum questions and includes the handy 'ask ept a question' feature.

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Automatic drafts for support tickets

Integration with platforms like HubSpot and Zendesk streamlines your support workflow, providing teams with draft answers pre-populated in the ticketing interface.

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Direct Chat

Enhance your team's efficiency with immediate support through direct communication channels like Slack, Email, and APIs—positioned right where your knowledge workers operate.

Our Metrics Tell the Story

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What People Say About Us



I was blown away by the answer to the first question I asked ept AI. It takes new employees years to get to the point where they can answer that well, and very few of them can answer questions about products across our portfolio.


Key Account Sales

Since we started using eptAI, I’ve been able to handle inquiries across our entire home networking range, from routers to smart home devices, with ease and expertise I never thought possible.


Field Application Engineer

eptAI has equipped me to confidently support a wider array of products, significantly enhancing our team’s capability to deliver top-notch tech support across the board


Director of Customer Support

With eptAI’s help, I’ve cut down response times by 70%, making my day-to-day support role at my company much more efficient and streamlined.


Technical Sales

ept AI has transformed how I work with my sales team. I can provide better answers faster, so they feel more comfortable asking questions and getting back to customers faster. This has definitely accelerated our sales process


Turn your workforce into product geniuses